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Gourmet Dining in Shikoku

Dining in Shikoku

Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima ramen is popular as a local ramen. Flavors differ slightly from restaurant to restaurant and soups are divided into the three types: brown, yellow and white.
Its characteristics are, rather than the char siu that is usually served with ramen, the pork belly and the raw egg it is served with.
It is fun to do a kind of ‘restaurant crawl’ to compare the different flavors.

Photo: Inotani

Photo: Todai

Naruto Kintoki

Naruto Kintoki are sweet potatoes that are grown in and around Naruto in Tokushima Prefecture. They have a fluffy texture and an elegant sweetness. As well as dishes in which they are deep fried, candied or made into sweet chips, they are also used as a raw ingredient in shochu.

Photo: Hone-tsuki Awao Dori Ikko

Awaodori Chicken

Tokushima Prefecture is more famous for its Awa Odori dance than anything else but recently, Awaodori chicken has become a food specialty. Awaodori Chicken is slowly and carefully raised in the beautiful nature of the area and is Japan’s No.1 producer of locally-raised chicken. The meat has a slightly reddish tint with just the right amount of substance with superb richness and strong umami.

Photo: Hone-tsuki Awao Dori Ikko


Irikasu is a Tokushima delicacy.
It is offal fried in oil – the more you chew it, the more flavorful it becomes. You can become addicted to the small, easy-to-eat size with its almost crunchy texture. Perfect for a snack with a drink!

Photo: Hone-tsuki Awao Dori Ikko


Dried chirimen are young sardines caught in the Kii Channel onto which Tokushima faces. The dried chirimen spread their deliciousness throughout your mouth the more you chew them. When boiled with salt in a pot that prevents them from drying out, they have a simple flavor with a soft, fluffy texture. We recommend eating topped with Tokushima specialty, sudachi sauce.

Photo: Hone-tsuki Awao Dori Ikko


Naruto sea bream – the representative of Tokushima seafood. The fish that grow strong in the Naruto tidal whirlpools, which are one of the three largest in the world, are delicious. There are many delicious seafood restaurants along the round-Shikoku cycling route, some of which are queued out at the weekends. You can enjoy not only fish but also large shellfish and prawns.

Photo: Katayama Suisan Photo: Katayama Suisan

Dining you can enjoy at Roadside Stations

Roadside Station Kubo-no-sato Nakagawa

Hand-made ice-cream

A range of hand-made ice-creams of various flavors. The photo shows indigo-flavored ice-cream – a Tokushima specialty.

Roadside Station Shishikui Onsen

Winter tea leaves ice-cream

Ice-cream made with winter tea leaves, a Shishikui specialty that is picked during the cold winter. Enjoy the gentle taste of tea.

Roadside Station Hiwasa

Sudachi soft-serve ice-cream

A Roadside Station Hiwasa specialty ranked No.2 in Shikoku in the 2018 Roadside Station Soft-serve Ice-cream General Election. Tastes of the refreshing flavor of sudachi citrus.

Hand-made Sushi

You can buy sushi made with locally caught fish and garnished with yuzu.