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Gourmet Dining in Shikoku

Dining in Shikoku

Kochi Prefecture

Seared bonito

Seared bonito is made with fresh bonito grilled dynamically on the flames of a fire made from straw and is very popular. It should be eaten with the accompanying green onions or garlic chips. Eat it with soy sauce or ponzu citrus sauce, of course, but we also recommend it with salt. Bonito has been selected as the Kochi Prefecture fish.

Photo: Tada Suisan

Tosa Akaushi

Tosa Akaushi is a brown-haired Japanese breed of cow reared in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture. It is a rare breed that only produces around 500 head a year.
The well matured, red meat with increased flavor has little fat and you can taste the true flavor of the beef.

Photo:Petits Verres (Hirome Market) Photo:Petits Verres (Hirome Market)

Deep-fried/Seared Moray Eel

Moray eels are called the ‘gang of the sea’. They look a little scary, but they have a surprisingly simple taste. Due to the gelatin in the skin, you can enjoy a firm texture and an umami flavor. It is superb whether eaten as sashimi or deep-fried.

Photo: Minato Shokudo Sato Photo: Ashizuri Kuroshio Market

Red sea bream

Red sea bream is a Muroto specialty. It is a deep-sea fish but due to the special topography of Muroto in which the sea gets deep close to shore, it is possible to catch fresh fish in the vicinity. It can be eaten in many dishes including stewed in soy sauce, sashimi and rice bowls.

Plentiful seafood

You can eat many different kinds of seafood in Kochi which has a long coastline. From fish such as tuna and sea bream to rare deep-sea fish such as Chlorophthalmus borealis, you can enjoy many types of fishery products.

Photo: Minato Shokudo Sato Photo: Minato Shokudo Sato Photo: Komaki Photo: Komaki

Shimanto Eel

Shimantogawa is called the last clear river in Japan. The eels that are reared there are superb. The meat is thick and really substantial.

Shimanto River Prawns

These prawns, which inhabit the Shimantogawa River in Kochi Prefecture, are known for their long legs. They are served simply deep-fried. As they are small and their shells are soft, they can be eaten whole; you can enjoy their firm meat along with a crunchy texture.

Photo: Komaki

Shimizu mackerel

Tosashimizu located on the very southern tip of Shikoku. It is a perfect area for fishing where delicious fish are reared close to shore because the sea has an abundance of food for them and the flow of the tide is fast. The blue mackerel that is caught there is known as Shimizu mackerel – extremely fresh with a good amount of fat. As it can be served very fresh, it is popular as sashimi.

Photo: Ashizuri Kuroshio Market

Nabeyaki ramen

This is ramen with a soy sauce-based soup and toppings such as green onions, raw egg and chikuwa fish sausage. The soup which is heated and the served in the same earthenware pot stays hot right until you have finished eating it. Umami and richness shine through the simple flavor.

Photo: Mayumi no Mise


Sodabushi are dried bonito flakes made from Soda bonito. Soda bonito is also called Mejika in Kochi, which is its No.1 producer. As it has a lot of really dark meat, it is rich, and it can take a richly flavored stock. As well as being used in Japanese cuisine, it is also used to make sauce for noodles, etc.

Photo: Ashizuri Kuroshio Market

Seafood Barbeque

This is a dynamic form of cuisine where you eat fresh ingredients such as shellfish and prawns that are cooked right in front of you. The colorful shellfish are called hiogigai but in Kochi, they have the nickname, Chotarogai. These shellfish, which are brimming with flavor, are superb eaten sprinkled with soy sauce.

Photo: Seafood Barbeque Tosa no Kaki Goya Photo: Seafood Barbeque Tosa no Kaki Goya

Dining you can enjoy at Roadside Stations

Roadside Station Yasu

Ice-cream Bars

Ice-cream bars made from fruit such as ponkan orange and strawberry, buntan citrus and strawberry and banana chocolate.

Seared red sea bream bowl

Red sea bream is cooked right in front of you on a fire made from straw. Enjoy the flavor of the red sea bream hot off the grill.

Minced bonito or tuna croquette

This is a fried fish dish made from minced Harambo bonito or tuna. They are big and substantial.

Roadside Station Oyama

Umi no vanilla

Smooth vanilla ice-cream made from deep sea water from Muroto.

Eggplant curry bread

This is a spicy curry bread made using eggplant, which is a local product.

Roadside Station Tanoekiya

Salt ice-cream

Ice-cream made from salt which is a Tano-cho specialty. The sweetness of the ice-cream and the salty flavor go well together.

Rolled omelet / deep-fried fish paste

Sushi rolled in egg and fish paste with burdocks and carrots. These are popular products that can be eaten at Tanoekiya.

Roadside Station Kiramesse Muroto


Kochi is also famous as a habitat for whales. It is served in various different ways such as sashimi, seared or tatsuta-fried. The rare Saezuri (tongue), in particular, is rich in fat and has a springy texture.

Hand-made Gelato

There are many different types using seasonal ingredients. The salt gelato, made using Muroto deep-sea salt and local milk, is particularly popular.

Roadside Station Otsuki

Strawberry shaved ice

This is the best kakigori shaved ice in Japan, winning the Grand Prix in the Michi-1 Grand Prix 2019 Sweets Category. Topped with frozen strawberry slices and plenty of condensed milk.

Roadside Station Yotte Nishitosa

Salt-baked Sweetfish

Sweetfish caught in the Shimanto River are sprinkled with salt and slowly baked. The salt brings out the deliciousness of the sweetfish.

Roadside Station Shimanto Towa

Shimanto Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

A Mont Blanc made from chestnuts grown in Shimanto. Shimanto chestnuts are known for their large size and sweetness.

Roadside Station Aguri Kubokawa


A butaman steamed bun packed with local ingredients. It is stuffed with pork, bamboo shoots and onions.

Roadside Station Kawauso-no-sato

Old fashioned-style ice-cream

Old fashioned-style ice-cream – a Kochi specialty. It is characterized by its crunchy iciness even although it is ice-cream.

Try your hand at searing bonito

This is a store inside the Roadside Station that lets you try cooking your own bonito on a fire made from straw as is done locally. The height of the flames is very impressive.