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Gourmet Dining in Shikoku

Dining in Shikoku

Kagawa Prefecture

Udon noodles

When you think of Kagawa, you definitely think of udon noodles. The noodles are firm but soft with a chewy texture and one of the reasons why they are so popular is that flavors and textures differ from restaurant to restaurant.
There are many different types of udon typical of the area using local ingredients including kake-udon, kama-age udon, kama-tama udon and bukkake udon.
It is fun to find out what flavors you prefer as you go from place to place.

Photo: Nagata in Kanoka Photo: Teuchi Judan Udon Baka Ichidai Photo: Kanakuma Mochi Photo: Kamebishiya

Hone-tsuki Dori Chicken

Apart from udon, this is another favorite in Kagawa dining. Some restaurants offer different types such as hinadori, with a tender texture, and oyadori, with is quite substantial.
Chicken, which is marinated in salt and pepper and the restaurant’s special blend of spices, has a nice spicy kick and is so delicious you could become addicted! Another way of eating it is to put the hone-tsuki dori sauce, which is full of flavor, on rice balls so that you can enjoy it a second time.

Japanese Amberjack (pickled rice bowl, etc.)

Japanese Amberjack is known as a fish that changes name as it gets older. Kagawa Prefecture is the origin of Japanese Amberjack fish farming and it has even been selected as the prefectural fish. Very fresh, oily Japanese Amberjack is superb, and many restaurants offer it in a pickled rice bowl or as sashimi. Olive Japanese Amberjack, which is reared on olives, a Kagawa specialty, is also famous.

Photo: Gohanya Hishio


This is an auspicious rice snack that is used as a favor at weddings in some districts of Kagawa Prefecture. They have a simple sweetness and they melt quickly in the mouth. Their vivid colors make them look beautiful, too.


This is sugar that is made in some districts of Kagawa and Tokushima. Its raw ingredient is cane sugar called Chikuto, an existing native variety that has grown locally since ancient times. Because the sugar was smoothed over a tray three times, it was given this name of Wasanbon (Japanese three trays). It has a mellow sweetness and can be enjoyed either added to dishes or on its own as a snack.

Dining you can enjoy at Roadside Stations

Roadside Station Toyohama

Sanuki Sea Bream Chazuke

Chazuke made from Sanuki sea bream is superb. It gets even more delicious if you add wasabi. Even if just eaten as a sea bream bowl, you can savor the delicious fresh fish.

Wasanbon Oiri Soft-serve Ice-cream

A soft-serve ice-cream ranked No.1 in Shikoku in the 2019 Roadside Station Cold Sweets General Election. Topped with oiri.

Roadside Station Fureai Park Mino

Wasanbon Donuts

Donuts made with wasanbon. Enjoy the moist texture and the gentle sweetness of the wasanbon.